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Live Scan (LS) and Mandated Reported Training (MRT) for all Pathfinder volunteers are required.

As part of the implementation process of the AB-506, volunteers who are 18 years or older and have direct contact with or supervise minors must be fingerprinted (via Live Scan) and complete the Mandated Reported Training (MRT).

All volunteers officially appointed into any church position (elders, deacons, etc.), regardless of whether or not the position relates to children, must be live-scanned and complete training to serve in such positions. This includes the Adventurer and Pathfinder staff that the church appoints.


Similarly, any volunteer, whether appointed or not, who has direct contact with or supervises minors (anyone under 18) (Sabbath school classes, VBS volunteers/helpers, pathfinder volunteers/helpers) has to be live scanned and complete the training to volunteer to supervise minors or attend any activities. The only exception is when such a volunteer is a minor himself/herself.


Please do not use people who have not been live scanned to watch, supervise, or transport minors.

Please use a healthy dose of common sense:

   •Always have two adults present when dealing with minors

     (if not possible, always deal with a group of children rather than just one at a time).

   •Do not meet alone with minors.

   •If a minor wants to see you confidentially see them so that what is said is confidential

     but remains visible to all.

   •Avoid any special relationship with any particular minor.

The Live Scan must be done only once, but the training must be done every two years.

Please follow the following procedure:

Letter Regarding Live Scan

FAQs about AB-506



Staff & Volunteer Live Scan Form

Sample Live Scan Form

How to Fill out Form Instructions


Live Scan Information

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