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Background Check


Background Checks for all Pathfinder volunteers are required.

According to CCC policy all volunteers who are officially appointed into any church position (elders, deacons, etc.), regardless of whether or not the position has any relation with children, have to be background checked and complete training in order to serve in such positions. This includes the pathfinder staff that is appointed by the church.


Similarly, any volunteer, whether appointed or not, who supervises minors (anyone under the age of 18)(Sabbath school classes, VBS volunteers/helpers, pathfinder volunteers/helpers) have to be background checked and complete training in order to volunteer supervising minors. The only exception is when such a volunteer is a minor himself/herself.


People who are not appointed to any official church position AND who do not supervise minors do not need to be background checked. Please do not use people who have not been background checked to watch, supervise, or transport minors (unless the only minors they transport are their own children). An unchecked family cannot stand in for a checked person to quickly supervise or transport minors.

Please use a healthy dose of common sense:

   •Always have two adults present when dealing with minors

     (if not possible, always deal with a group of children rather than just one at a time).

   •Do not meet alone with minors.

   •If a minor wants to see you confidentially, see them in such a way that what is said is confidential

     but remains clearly visible to all.

   •Avoid any special relationship with any particular minor.

Background Check Process $30.00 per person and is good for 3 years.

Please follow the following procedure:

Go to:

Registration Instruction (Click Here)

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